We’re having a smashing time

We have now travelled further North, to Ranomafana National Park, after traveling for a couple of days South to see some ringed tailed lemurs [lemur catta]. While we were down seeing King Julian himself, we also saw lots of big spiders, geckos, and much to my delight, we were “followed” by a large bird of prey, which I think is some kind of black kite. I’m not going to say what I said when I saw said kite as it was mahoosive (that is an actual word).Today we spent the morning and early afternoon in the rainforest of Ranomafana, in search of red-bellied lemur [eulemur rubriventer], red-fronted brown lemur [eulemur rufifrons], Milne-Edward’s sifaka [propithecus edwardsi]. Other fauna that we found included a variety of small colourful birds that looked similar to birds of paradise. We found multiple geckos and chameleons, including the smallest type of leaf tailed gecko called the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, which gets its name from the devil-like horns on its head.

When we stopped for lunch today we were joined by a ringed-tailed mongoose, which was very cute. Thankfully it didn’t steal anyone’s lunch. We still have another day of trekking in the rainforest, which to my surprise, disappointment and relief it hasn’t been very rainy.

By Tom


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