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These humans look funny, they seem to change colour in the sun! ☀️
I’m loving all the attention I am getting with lots of cuddles and food, it’s like I have them right in the palm of my paw. They are a wee bit stupid though, every night I have to herd them like sheep to dinner, otherwise I’m pretty sure they would get very lost.

I’ve spent the day lying in the shade. Really don’t know how these silly humans work all day in the sun. They’re trying to knock down the old water tower – little do they know it is basically indestructible. Although I’m sure they will find a way as they seem to have destroyed more of Madagascar than they have actually built.

I overheard the talk of pizza again today so I think I’ll take them to my favourite pizza place this afternoon. This group of humans seem to have a strange craving for cheese.

I think my new humans like me a lot, I mean they’re even letting me write this blog post. I would love to come back with them but their country sounds rather cold and wet so I think I’ll just chill here for now.

Doggo 🐾


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